About Us

In 1918, a seed met soil; a whole new idea of ‘Swaraj’ or self reliance was put to practice.

One man picked up a stick, and walked, bringing change to an entire nation, writing a story on soil.
Almost 96 years later, we try to rewrite this story on fabric, the fabric he endorsed, KHADI.

The Khadi Cult endorses the idea of being a 
" KHADI- VADI" but in a voguish way.

 A business and entrepreneurship student by qualification our founder Priyanshi Jariwala was keen on working towards sustainable fashion when she was at business school. She launched The Khadi Cult, a sustainable clothing label with a mission to weave a new story on a fabric which held a lot of national importance - KHADI. With a sole objective of making Khadi highly acceptable to a younger audience, she decided to bring a refreshing twist to the fabric by introducing quirky prints and fun cuts to the heritage fabric.



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